Gin Inspired By Chinoiserie

An Artisan Gin from The Middle Kingdom

Porcelain Gin brings rich Chinese craftsmanship and elegance to the world of craft gin. Meticulously handcrafted using the highest quality ingredients and distilled in small batches. The elegant keepsake bottle is designed in partnership with LALA CURIO.

The gin opens to a chorus of citrus sweet notes, followed by an aromatic display of cardamom, and finally ends with warm delicate notes of Sichuan peppercorn & lavender. We are the only distillery in the world to use Mongolian Juniper Berries to create a gin that has never been tasted before. The flavour of our gin is truly unique, complex yet balanced, without any sharp bites or bitter after-notes, making it ideal for a Gin & Tonic.

Our Story

Family Owned and Operated

The Porcelain Gin Distillery is a warm family business that we hold dear to our hearts. We have poured our hearts and labour into it to make it a living dream. Our family’s background comes from a generation of traditional spice makers, forming a deep understanding of each spice and we benefit from access to the absolute best quality botanicals.

Authentically Hand Made

Every part of our process from start to finish is meticulously done by hand, to ensure our gin is consistently the best. Our family frequently sits together in the courtyard hand peeling all of our ingredients – we even hand crack our hazelnuts! It’s the personal attention to quality and detail that enables us to give the taste of authenticity to our most discerning customers.

Family cracking hazelnuts at the distillery courtyard

Two Decadent Flavours

Porcelain Shanghai Dry Gin

Our Signature Porcelain Shanghai Dry Gin is distilled from 18 botanicals. It is a very well balanced gin that opens to a chorus of citrus sweet Cardamom notes, followed by a mellow juniper and lavender mid rift, and finally trails off with a slight almond
finish. The absence of sharp bites or bitter notes makes it ideal for a Gin & Tonic.

Porcelain Mandarin Edition Gin

Porcelain Gin, imbued with the opulent Mandarin Orange, bursts with a unique and distinct sweet citrus flavour. More zesty, this gin is vibrant and refreshing, playing sweetly on the palate and highlighting notes of Rose and Lavender from our signature botanical blend. Our distiller created this gin to celebrate festivities and bring prosperity to all of us.

Award Winning Shanghai Gin

Porcelain Gin is proud to be the recipient of a Silver Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC). This competition is well known to be the largest and most competitive in the world. This is a true testament that Porcelain Gin has achieved an internationally recognized standard for quality and taste.

18 Botanicals Perfectly Balanced

We are the first and only distillery in the world to use Mongolian Juniper Berries to craft an exclusive and unique dry gin. These hard to find, special berries exude a very different taste and texture compared to the European counterpart. The Mongolian Juniper Berries make the final product a naturally sweeter, more mellow and smooth gin.

Some of our notable botanicals include:

Goji Berries, Sichuan Peppercorn, Cardamom, Coriander Seeds.

Almond, Hazelnut.

Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit.

Lavender, Rose.

We have 6 secret ingredients that we can’t share yet…

Porcelain Distillery

Mulan, Our Custom-Made Copper Still

Meet Mulan, our custom made 500L copper pot still. It features a large European styled alembic dome, aroma basket and 6 plate copper column. The still towers over the Distillery at over 3.5 metres. We constantly regulate Mulan’s heat to make sure we are always distilling at a relatively slow pace. While it definitely takes longer, the Gin we produce using the slow distilling approach becomes very clean and crisp. Settled in the historical Liaoning Province, known by some as one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilisation, our distillery won’t be rushed.

Organic Farm

Surrounding the Distillery is our Organic Farm. We grow fresh fruits and vegetables year-round, without any pesticides. We believe very much in self sustainability and minimising our carbon footprint. Using natural shade, electric vehicles, winter snow to cool the condenser, and re-using leftover botanicals from the pot still as rich fertilizer enables us to fulfil our commitment to a quality product and careful management of our environment.


Defining Shanghai Dry Gin

Shanghai Dry Gin draws its origination from the familiar definition of a London Dry Gin.

A Shanghai Dry Gin must contain at least 90% of its botanicals that is sourced from China. The product cannot be artificially sweetened. All botanical flavor in a Shanghai Dry Gin must be imparted through distillation.

We are proud that Porcelain Gin has a detected methanol level that is 6 times lower than EU Official methanol requirements.

Our gin is safe, and delicious.

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